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Drew Hoelscher, Principal
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Terri Fugleberg, Secretary
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2014-15 School Year

Laredo Elementary believes in excellence, in both the instructional practices and opportunities we provide, to set all Laredo students on a path to higher education and a possible career in the field of health sciences.

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We believe:

  • Responsibility for high student achievement is shared by the entire Laredo community.
  • Individual learning styles and creativity of students are honored.
  • Our positive, forward focused attitude enables us to make choices that build a safe, healthy environment.
  • Enlightened leadership becomes a shared responsibility of the learning community.


Office hours: 7:15-3:45 School day8:00-2:30 

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Breakfast in the classroom will occur daily this year. Every student will get breakfast for free. Students need to arrive to school on time at 7:40 a.m. There will be no adult supervision before this time. 

El desayuno en el salon comenzara. Todos los estudiantes reciviran desayuno gratis. Los estudiantes deben de llegar a la hora debida 7:40 am.  No habra supervision antes de esta hora.

Laredo requires uniforms.

You can shop for plain shirts or buy them with the Laredo lion logo. Shirts with the logo are on sale in the office.

School Spirit:

Uniforms are shown to instill a feeling of belonging among children.  At Laredo, we see ourselves as a tight community of friends and learners.  Uniforms help our students to see themselves as a member of a team of hard working, creative and smart kids.


Putting on the school uniform signals to a child that he or she is going to school just like mom or dad dresses up to go to work. Studies show that when students dress in "work clothes" rather than "play clothes" they take a more serious approach to their studies.

Good Discipline:

School uniforms help maintain school discipline and decrease the amount of discipline problems.  There are times when children tease others who aren’t wearing what is considered to be popular or fashionable clothing.  Moreover, clothing can sometimes cause distractions.  At Laredo we want to ensure that students focus on the most important thing: learning.

Good Values:

School uniforms stress that individuality and self-expression are not determined by designer clothing or the latest fashion trend.  Individuality is expressed when students are able to focus on academics and share their thinking and solutions to problems with their classmates.

Low Cost:

School uniforms are a bargain. They are becoming far less expensive than many other clothes.  We did a lot of price comparisons while we were in process of making the decision to go to a school uniform.  We found that uniform items are very economical, especially compared to designer clothing.  Parents also agreed that school uniforms seem to be more durable and last longer than designer clothing because they are made for repeated wash and wear.

What is the Uniform?

Our uniform policy offers some freedom and choice in order to help our parents, and to make shopping simple and easy.  Most importantly, any brand of clothing is fine as long as it fits within the criteria below.  We will be offering uniform shirts with the Laredo logo for parents to purchase if they like, but they are not required as part of the uniform.

Shirt:  Collared polo or golf style shirt.  Long sleeve or short sleeve.  Colors: white, light blue, navy blue, or yellow.

Bottoms:  Pants, capri pants, long shorts, skirts or jumpers.  Colors: navy blue or khaki

Sweaters:  Pullover or cardigan.  Colors: navy blue or white.

Where can I purchase uniform items?

All of the uniform items can be purchased at many of the major clothing retailers.  We found that the most affordable places and the ones with the greatest selection are Target, Walmart, Kmart and Old Navy. 

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