Our Principal

Dear Laredo Families and Community,

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year at Laredo Elementary. We all have endured unprecedented times that have caused anxiety, worry, fear, a feeling of uneasiness, but one thing that you can rely on is this: Laredo families and students are very important to every adult at Laredo Elementary - everyone matters and everyone is cared for.

Ending the 2019-2020 school year remotely was an experience that none of us have ever managed before, and as educators, it is never our desire to not see our students in person everyday! I want to commend our Laredo families for working with us during the unknown of remote learning with the majority of Laredo students being present and engaged during the weeks of learning remotely. We know that our youngest learners learn best when they are taught in person by a caring adult, they have peers to interact and collaborate with and have structure and routine that is consistent. Something that I gained from the time of quarantine was the enjoyment of family. This time dictated that we all slow down and remain at home. It was hard for me to gain a work-life balance, and I finally discovered how to manage more successfully. I hope that each of you also enjoyed the unexpected time to spend with your children. Parents were able to be present and see what your children are learning and how they are learning. There were some of you that kept telling me you couldn’t wait for school to start again because there wasn’t enough to keep your children busy! There were also those of you that had to continue working and managed this hardship of having your children at home and worrying about who could care for them. This has been difficult. The “bright spot” was the end of year car parade; seeing families lining the streets, holding up signs with smiles and waves was one of the most touching experiences I can remember. I have to be honest, it brought me to tears. The tears for me represented joy in seeing the faces of our students and families, and regret because of the manner that we had to end the school year.

As we begin the 2020-2021 school year remotely, no one knows what the remainder of the year will look like. However, I will tell you that I predict that we will all have a renewed spirit of hope and joy when we am able to greet and interact with our students in person! I speak for all teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff at Laredo Elementary about how excited we will be to see your children walk through the door! This experience has taught me not to take for granted the privilege of leading Laredo Elementary and creating a school where our students can shape a successful future. I am asking that as we return to school, that you please stay involved. Be present at school, volunteer, attend parent coffees, PTO, dads breakfast, and academic conferences. I hope that we have all learned that we need one another and that we are truly in this together.


Sandy Fenley


Laredo Elementary